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Bearings & Machine Engineering for the Agricultural, Industrial and Quarry Industries.

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We are a family business of over thirty years with a large Industrial Hardware shop backed up by an extensive workshop, catering for Agricultural, Industrial and Quarry Industries, and a dedicated team of 16 skilled personnel to help.

This is backed up by the Australian Industrial Supply Group {AIS}, one of the largest private Buyers Groups in Australia. Group buying power keeps our prices competitive, with access to over 140 major suppliers who provide numerous catalogues with special pricing throughout the year. Our comprehensive AIS quarterly catalogue always offers great deals as well. 

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We are sales and service specialists for Reefinator machines. This is the equipment for deep ripping, crushing, rolling and levelling of limestone country. Manufactured in WA, they are seriously heavy duty machines, giving you the capability of cropping whole paddocks, reefs and all.

Our own manufactured CBE Land Rollers are also built heavy duty, developed over time to cope with our harsh conditions. They have the capability to easily lift the barrels with hydraulics, allowing the wings to swing back behind into transport mode. We also manufacture Wheel Track Renovators both in kit form and fully built, designed for remediation of wheel trenches left after spraying and spreading boggy ground.

Also being a CBC Bearings distributor gives us access to all power transmission products from their extensive worldwide supply chain, and years of knowledge to help in this field. Many other long standing supplier associations give us an extensive supply base to help with a huge range of products, including Kincrome, Sidchrome, Sutton, Bahco, Toledo, Knipex, KC Tools, WIA, Makita, Milwaukee, Hella, Alemlube, MacNaught, SP Tools, Peerless, NTN, Timken, Gates, Bare-co, Bar, Fuchs oils, Ryco, CRC, Septone, Rustoleum, Hi-Chem, Flexovit and Pferd just to name a few!

The Workshop division at the same site, specializes in Machine Engineering with 2 lathes, milling machines, drills, etc and qualified machinists to operate them. We also provide Heavy Construction capacity down to Sheet Metal Fabrication, with tig, mig and arc, stainless and aluminium welding. A work truck is equipped with a generator, compressor, welder, oxy, tooling and fittings for travel to other worksites as required.

A specialised onsite TACA tungsten welding system for quarry, mining and seeding point tungsten protection of wearing parts and ground engaging tools, with hard facing, bissaloy plating and other protection methods implemented in support of this.

Manufacture of Quarry Equipment, Conveyors, Hoppers and custom equipment, replacement of Screens and Belts and service of this equipment. Repairs and modifications to Agricultural Machinery, Trucks, Trailers, Spreaders, Augers etc, are a big part of our business. Work can be carried out in our workshop or at your worksite, with emergency after hour facilities available if required.

We carry a large range of Steel products and specialty engineering steels, brass and nylon for machining in stock as well. Ryco Hydraulics and other brands give us an extensive Hydraulics stock base and capability, as well as re-sealing/ repairing Hydraulic Cylinders, Valves, Motors and Pumps.

Collectively these capabilities provide local industry with a breakdown and construction one stop spot to help keep your machines moving. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to help find solutions for industry.



Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Manufacture & Repair

Manufacture & Repair

Wheel Track Renovators, Land Rollers and more. Repair and modify Ag and Industrial equipment.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Machining Shop Lathe

Machining Shop

Machining shafts, bushing, sprockets, pulleys and components. Lathes, mills and drills and qualified machinists to get you sorted.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Bearings, Housings, Seals & Transmission

Bearings, housings, seals & transmission

Extensive stock range in store, backed up with years of knowledge, and a large supplier base.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Large Industrial Shop

Large Industrial Shop

Hand and power tools, safety, workwear, fasteners, Hose, sprockets & chain, Pulleys & belts, auto elec, filters, oils, paints, sealants & consumables.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Workshop Equipment

Workshop Equipment

Generators, welders, steel and metal products, compressors, pumps, pressure cleaners, pneumatic tools, tool boxes, & machines

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Quarry Solutions

Quarry Solutions

Design, manufacture, repair and service of conveyor systems, screening plants, crushers, hoppers, safety guards, walkways and railing and much more for quarries, together with Sales of Parts of associated equipment.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders

Measure & order seals to re-seal cylinders, machine rods, gland ends for hydraulic cylinders. Also new cylinders to order.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Hydraulic Crimper

Hydraulic crimper

Hoses made to order, capacity up to 1.3/4” hose. Extensive range of Ryco hose and fittings. Sales of valves, motors, and pumps.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Welding Fabrication

Welding Fabrication

Heavy & light construction, repairs, modifications, and manufacture to requirements.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Points & Taca

Points & TACA

Tungsten chip welding (TACA}, tungsten tiles and hard facing for points & shears, plates, blades, earth augers, boots, teeth and buckets. Sales of all ground engaging wear parts.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Loader and Excavator Buckets

Loader and Excavator Buckets

Manufactured new, refurbish, reskin & repair. Supply adaptors, teeth, cutting edges, blades and weld in protection plates.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Quality Workmanship

Quality Workmanship

Manufacturing to a high standard and finish. Engineered for longevity of equipment.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Large Workshop

Large Workshop

Fully equipped large workshop sheds with space to keep up with breakdowns, modifications and manufacturing large equipment.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - Power Takeoffs

Power Takeoffs

Stock of PTO shafts, universals, yokes and covers in many different brands. Experienced staff to help.

Cummins Bearings & Engineering - COREGAS AGENTS

Coregas Agents

Industrial Gases for rental for larger users or Swap and Go style deposit system for smaller users.


Shed door roller

Cast steel shed door bottom roller designed to roll on floor mounted 27mm steel rod or pipe. Fitted with two sealed bearings. Top of door runs within guides. Best option for large heavy doors as they roll with ease.

Hydraulic tynes - no shear pins. Adjustable levelling blade. Stronger ground engaging tools. Deeper, more aggressive penetration - up to 600mm.

rocks gone reefinator

Hydraulic tynes - no shear pins.
Adjustable levelling blade.
Stronger ground engaging tools.
Deeper, more aggressive penetration - up to 600mm.


Reefinator H4 is a tractor driven hydraulic tyne, designed to crush, rip, mix and level previously unusable laterite rock and limestone reef soils, creating highly productive farm land.



Earthmoving equipment, forklifts, scissor lifts and much more. The DIG-DOG range includes a choice of engines like, Cummins, Kobota and Yanmar and good quality brand name hydraulic components.



DIG-DOG's compact excavators have load capacities of 1-4 tons to meet various excavation needs. Compact excavators use crawler designs to enable them to walk stably on various terrains, diesel engines provide long-lasting and efficient power, and the hydraulic system provides precise control and excellent performance.

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